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How It Works


Answer a few questions about your website or app.

Easy to Customize

Add any additional custom rules for users.

Easy to Install

Publish your acceptable use policy.

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Create an Acceptable Use Policy in Minutes

“It [Termly] does a great job of walking you through step by step and providing questions to guide you through the process and make sure you don't miss anything.”

Easy to Use

Easy To Use

  • Simple process
  • Customizable
  • No legal expertise required
  • Connects with Terms of Service
Complies with Privacy Laws


  • Common rules included
  • Custom rules available
  • Community guidelines
  • Intellectual property rights

Multi-Platform Use

  • Android (Google Play Store)
  • iOS (Apple App Store)
  • Fully Compliant
  • Automatic Updates

What Your Acceptable Use Policy Will Include

Legal Dictionary

Acceptable Use Rules

The acceptable use policy we generate for you will include a default list of generally acceptable and unacceptable uses of a website or mobile application. These rules ensure misuse of your platform and work to shield your business against legal action.

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Acceptable User-generated Content

Our acceptable use policy generator will include a default list of user-generated content that is not allowed to be posted, transmitted, or uploaded onto your website or mobile application.

Consequences for Violating the Acceptable Use Policy

Our generator will spell out the potential actions you will take when a user violates your policy, giving you a basis to take that action.

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Reporting Violations

It may be impossible for you to monitor all user-generated content on your platform. Because of this, your acceptable use policy will provide users with a way to report any inappropriate user-generated content.

Easy to Install

Additional Rules

Here are some additional rules you can add to your acceptable use policy using our generator:

  • Include your community/forum guidelines
  • Include how you monitor user-generated content
  • If users can sell products on your platform, outline what they are prohibited from selling
  • If you offer subscription services, outline what activities users are prohibited from engaging in when using your subscription service
Documentation & Support

Easily Connects With Your Other Terms

While you can use your AUP as a standalone policy, it is best used together with your Terms of Service. If your product is missing a ToS, you can generate one with Termly.

Connect With Your Terms of Service

An acceptable use policy works best when it is paired together with a terms of service agreement. If you’re missing a ToS, you can create one with Termly.

Acceptable Use Policy Generator FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked questions about our acceptable use policy generator.

Is the acceptable use policy generator free?

Is an acceptable use policy required by law?

Do I need an acceptable use policy for my app?

Do I need an acceptable use policy for my website?

Do I need an acceptable use policy if I have a terms of use?

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Generate a Free Acceptable Use Policy
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A comprehensive Acceptable Use Policy helps you protect your business by setting clear expectations for your users upfront. – Leila, Privacy Compliance Specialist @ Termly

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